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stock iphone apps can be deleted in iOS 10

Did You Know That iOS 10 Allows You To Delete 23 Stock iPhone Apps?

If I say Stocks, you surly know what I mean! Ever since the iPhone was invented, users have looked for a way to get rid of the Stocks app and other built-in iOS app that they never use. It took 10 iOS versions for Apple to acknowledge this and allow us to delete stock applications…

spotlight currency conversions

5 New Spotlight Search Functions With iOS 9

As you might already know one of the most advertised characteristics of iOS 9 is proactiveness. The Spotlight search feature plays an important role in this equation. This rapid search function has received a series of enhancements with the release of the 9th iOS generation. It can perform automatic currency conversions, math operations, provide realtime…

apple watch stocks glance

Enable or Disable Stocks on Apple Watch

Stocks is perhaps one of the most controversial built-in iOS apps available, simply because the percentage of total iPhone or iPad users using this application is very narrow, to justify it’s selections as a mandatory piece of software. This at least in our opinion, which I’m sure it’s supported by many others. Stocks can’t be…