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Tag: Storage

iphone storage almost full prompt

How To Quickly Delete Temporary Files And Free Up Storage Space On iPhone And iPad

Apple doesn’t provide, at this moment, an iOS feature that allows iPhone and iPad users to delete temporary files from their devices. Such a functionality could be used, every now and then, to free up storage space. You’ll be surprised that the average Apple smartphone can collect up to more than 1 GB of unnecessary…

ios 10.3 apfs on iphone

iOS 10.3 Brings APFS To Your iPhone And iPad

Apple has recently seeded iOS 10.3 for its worldwide iPhone and iPad users. It’s a must have update that brings an important under the hood change to your beloved mobile devices. The iOS file system has been completely revamped. The old HFS+ has been replaced with the revolutionary APFS, Apple File System in a further…

ios facebook storage info page

Delete And Re-Install Facebook App To Free Up iPhone Storage Space

If you own an 16GB iPhone you’re surly struggling with storage space. That’s because the number of “must-have” apps is constantly increasing. Software becomes more and more complex, thus taking up more room and media sharing is more popular than ever. All these factors combined cause iPhone owners, sooner or later, to look for ways…

iOS automatically cleaning cache from Facebook app

What Does “Cleaning…” Under App Icon On iPhone Home Screen Mean?

If you’re browsing your iPhone and notice that some of your apps are greyed out, act as being inactive and have a Cleaning… status displayed instead of the name of the application, don’t panic! It’s not a virus or some attacker controlling your smartphone. It’s iOS and its new ability of auto-cleaning temporary, junk and…