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instagram story waiting for connection error

Instagram Story Waiting For Connection Error? (Fix!)

Instagram story not posting from iPhone? Not uploading? It’s stuck at Waiting for connection? The error is displayed when you try to check the upload status? Red exclamation marks are shown in the story section, on top of your accounts thumbnail? You’re not the only one affected!…

Facebook story archive missing

How To Check Facebook Story Archive! Videos Missing? (Fix?)

Trying to watch Facebook stories posted by you more than 24 hours ago? Need to relive your favorite moments, or just check who has seen and/or liked your story? It’s possible, as long as the Facebook story archive is enabled!…

Facebook story not posting

Facebook Story Not Uploading, Stuck At Finishing Up (Fix?)

Is your Facebook Story not uploading, stuck at the Finishing Up stage, although your Internet connection works flawless? It seems that FB stories not posting is currently a widespread issue, as the popular social media platform hasn’t fully recovered from yesterday’s massive 7-hour downtime!…