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AppleCare Plus Unlimited Incidents

AppleCare+ Unlimited Incidents Instead Of Just 2 [FREE]

AppleCare+ unlimited incidents upgrade has been confirmed by Apple! The Cupertino-based tech giant is sending out emails to its customers informing them about this change. It’s automatically applied and “comes at no extra charge”….

disney plus price increase history

Disney Plus Price Increase 2022: $10.99 (+$3) [How To Avoid]

Disney has announced that U.S. users will have to deal with a Disney Plus price increase of 38% by the end of 2022. Basically, if you want to continue to watch Disney+ without ads, after December 8, you will have to pay $10.99 per month instead of the current $7.99….

HomePod Update Apple Music Subscription error

HomePod ‘You Need To Update Apple Music Subscription’ Error

Are you asking Siri on HomePod to play a specific song, but instead of the expected music playback you’re getting the ‘You need to update your Apple Music subscription’ error?…

Apple Music voice plan

Apple Music Voice Plan: Features, Price, How To Subscribe

The Apple Music Voice Plan is a new low price subscription introduced by Apple during the Unleashed event keynote. It allows members to get access to the full Apple Music library for only $4.99 a month! There is a catch though. All music can only be accessed and controlled via Siri!…

block Calendar Spam on iPhone

How To Remove and Block Calendar Spam Events On iPhone

Are you annoyed by Calendar spam events on your iPhone? This is most likely caused by a Calendar subscription that you’ve accepted without giving too much attention to the popup requesting your consent. Don’t worry! You can remove the unwanted event invites and unsubscribe from future spam invites in the Calendar app….