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did you mean to add a recipient popup

Did You Mean To Add A Recipient Error in macOS Ventura Mail?

Did you mean to add a recipient frequently pops up erroneously in Mail? This new macOS Ventura feature is too sensitive and triggers whenever an email address is types in the body of a new email or in the sender’s signature?…

Focus Suggestion On iPhone Lock Screen

How To Turn Off Focus Suggestions On iPhone In iOS 15

Are you looking for a way to turn off Focus Suggestions on iPhone in iOS 15? These notifications are triggered by the new iOS 15 Focus modes. You’re either invited to enable a certain filter, or informed that you can configure Smart Activation based on various conditions….

trick to remove contact from share suggestions in iOS 14

How To Remove Contact From Share Sheet Suggestions In iOS 14

The iPhone packs a lot of features but some times they don’t work as expected. In iOS 14 you can fine tune them with the help of additional options. Have you ever accidentally shared media to the wrong contact? This can happen when you tap by mistake on a Share Sheet Contact Suggestion. Thankfully, once…

iOS 14 emoji search iPhone feature

How To Search For Emoji On iPhone (In iOS 14)

iOS 14 has finally got a much awaited enhancement! Gone are the days when you had to swipe again and again and lose precious time until you find that exact emoji. Apple has imported the highly appreciated macOS emoji search feature to the iPhone. As soon as you update to iOS 14 (currently in beta…

iOS 12 Photos app For You tab and Search suggestions

iOS 12 Photos App Sharing & Search Suggestions & Other Enhancements

In iOS 12 all stock apps have been more or less improved. Photos makes no exceptions. The performance enhancements as well as feature extensions are making the application more appealing than ever. A new For You tab has been added which hosts an automated selection of Memories, photos you snapped in the current days, in…