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ios 11.1 multiple emoji suggestions feature

iOS 11.1 Adds Multiple Emoji Suggestions To The Predictive Keyboard

A new feature coming with the first major iOS 11 iteration is that the Predictive Keyboard is now able to provide multiple emoji suggestions. In previous iOS 11 firmware versions your iPhone and iPad was able to link a single emoticon to a keyword. We all know how much attention Apple gives to the emoji…

ios spotlight search history

Trick To Clear The Spotlight Search History On Your iPhone and iPad

Spotlight Search is a great iOS feature that allows you to quickly search for apps, messages, notes, or anything else that is located on your iPhone and iPad. It’s practically a great shortcut for jumping to the most recent iBook that you’re reading, finding a reminder, calendar event or whatever you’re in urgent need of….

iOS 10 'New Contact info found'

The iOS 10 ‘New Contact info found’ Suggestion For Unknown iPhone Numbers

Today it’s about those minor iOS 10 features that make the difference. After checking out the newly added Recent label it’s time to see how the ‘New Contact info found’ feature works. This is practically another function that makes your iPhone proactive. Whenever you receive a text message from an unknown number, that’s a number…

location based app suggestion on iphone home screen

How To Disable iOS Location-Based App Suggestions

Location-Based app suggestions is a feature that was introduced back in iOS 8, but it’s still quite unfamiliar for the average iPhone owner. This category surly includes newcomers that just switched over from Android. In its early stages apps recommended based on your current location were appearing on the iPhone’s Lock Screen, in the bottom-left…