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Messages read status not syncing between devices

How To Fix Messages Read Status Not Syncing Between Devices

Is the Messages read status not syncing between devices ever since you’ve update to iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and watchOS 8? You read a message on iPhone, but the same text remains labeled as unread on the Apple Watch and vice versa? This is a common problem that can be fixed using the following tips….

Safari iCloud tabs bug

Fix Safari iCloud Tabs Not Syncing Between iPhone, iPad & Mac

Are your open Safari iCloud tabs not syncing between devices? Do you have open Safari tabs on your Mac that don’t show up on your iPhone and vice-versa? Or tabs that are long closed on your iPad are still available on iPhone? This is a common issue occurring on Mac, iPhone and iPad used with…

imessage notification on mac

How To Receive iPhone Messages On All Your Apple Devices

A great feature available within the Apple ecosystem is that you can receive text messages on your iPhone and reply to them from your iPad, Mac or vice versa. This handoff feature can be both useful and annoying, depending on how you prefer to receive notifications. It’s obviously great to be able to read and…

google photos for ios app icon

Google Photos Provides Free Unlimited Cloud Storage For iOS

Google has recently launched two important iOS apps. The first one is called Inbox by Gmail and revolutionizes your entire email organization as well as notifications system and the other one, which I’m reviewing right now is called Google Photos. It comes with a series of useful and unprecedented features that help you store, organize…

apple watch photos app

Add and View Photos On Apple Watch

Photos is one of the standalone apps of your watch OS gadget. Once you store the desired images on your smartwatch, you don’t need an active connection with the paired iPhone, to be able to browse your favorite images. The first time you connect your Watch to an iOS device, the Favorites album from your…