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system data on iphone is huge

How To Clear System Data On iPhone Storage In 2023 (Zero KB)

Are you looking for a way to clear System Data on iPhone and free up storage space? Other System Data taking up way too much space, or the contrary, showing -1 byte or Zero KB? Here is how to shrink or delete it!…

Mac System Data large

Mac System Data Large After macOS Ventura Update? (Fix?)

Mac System Data takes up a large amount of storage space after macOS Ventura Update? You’ve recently upgraded to macOS 13 and are seeing high or huge values between 30 GB and up to 80 GB of storage blocked by the system?…

System Data taking up too much storage

Fix System Data Taking Up Too Much iPhone Storage (iOS 15)

Is System Data taking up too much storage on iPhone in iOS 15? Is most of your new device’s storage space used up by System Data? This usually happens when you restore your iPhone from a backup!…