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system settings search not working

System Settings Search Not Working in macOS Ventura 13?

System Setting search not working in macOS Ventura? Results are not showing up, they’re broken or incomplete? You’re trying to find options from the old System Preferences app and are heavily relying on the search feature?…

system settings macos ventura

macOS Ventura System Settings Problems, Shortcuts, Requests

The macOS Ventura System Settings represent the biggest UI change in macOS 13. The old System Preferences section has been totally revamped and reconfigured in the style of the iPadOS 16 Settings app. Let’s check out the common problems, improve the experience with shortcuts and voice out expected updates!…

macos Ventura System Settings issues

macOS Ventura System Settings Issues: Report, FollowUp & Fix

Do you encounter System Settings problems in macOS Ventura? Don’t hesitate to report it in the comments! Check out our collection with issues for this rebranded macOS 13 app and check out the available fixes!…