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Tag: Tab

ios 11 landscape tabs scrubber in safari

iOS 11 Adds Open Tabs Scrubber To Safari Landscape View

Another add-on that we just spotted while toying with the iOS 11 Beta version is the horizontal tabs scrubber that’s now available in Safari. All open tabs available in the stock iPhone and iPad Internet browser are one tap away if you flick your device horizontally and switch for the landscape view. The new scrubber…

ios 10 safari close all tabs feature

How To Instantly Close All Tabs In iOS 10 Safari

Along with the massive and highly appreciated Lock Screen, Control Center and Messages app revamps, iOS 10 also introduces a bunch of many other minor changes, that could easily pass undiscovered, but are quite useful. You know the saying “it’s in the small things” and this is why our team is currently test driving iOS…

google chrome pull to reload, open or close tab

Chrome Pull To Reload, Open or Close Tab Trick

Google has just released version 42.0.2311.47 of its Chrome browser app, for iOS. A slick trick that now allows you to pull down to upload the current tab has been introduced. In fact, we’re talking about a three-way shortcut that provides swipe-fast access to the Refresh, New Tab and Close Tab commands. Google Chrome is…

ios safari private web browsing mode

5 Tips For iOS Safari Private Browsing

If you ever need to browse the web from your iOS device and don’t wish to leave traces, you should consider the Safari Private web browsing mode. When activated, your iPhone’s built-in Internet browser shouldn’t remember the pages that you’ve visited, track your search history or save AutoFill information. If you forget to go private,…