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common errors to test on iOS apps

5 Common Errors To Test On Your iOS App (For Developers)

There are many common errors to test an iOS app for. Most often, development teams check applications under ideal conditions. But real-life usage can bring up many unexpected situations. That’s why we still get lots of iOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS bugs to report about….

AirPods Pro slicone ear tips in S,M and L sizes

How To Perform Ear Tip Fit Test For AirPods Pro Optimal Fit

If you’re the proud owner of the new AirPods Pro you must have already noticed that they ship with three sizes of silicone ear tips. This ensures that you can get the best fit for your ear type. Wearing the AirPods properly guarantees that you get the best sound quality, deeper bass, rich lows and…

COVID-19 Exposure Logging feature for iPhone

How To Enable / Disable COVID-19 Exposure Logging On iPhone

Apple and Google have partnered to develop a COVID-19 Exposure Notification API that will help smartphone users to get alerts whenever someone that was in their proximity, over the last 14 days, has marked himself as infected with the new Coronavirus. This will alert the user to self-isolate, test himself and prevent from becoming an…

identical twins using iphone x face id

iPhone X Face ID Fails To Differentiate Identical Twins

Face ID is the new authentication method chosen by Apple for unlocking the iPhone X. The revolutionary TrueDepth camera facial recognition system is also used for validating Apple Pay purchases, various passwords and other security related logins. It replaces Touch ID, mostly because of the removal of the Home button, to allow the iPhone ‘Ten’…

wi-fi widget for ios

Swipe To Check Wi-Fi Connection Status, Speed, Latency & Password With Wi-Fi Widget For iOS

If you’re looking for useful widgets to install on your iPhone and iPad the Wi-Fi Widget app, developed by Puppy Ventures, is certainly a great choice. This Lock Screen glance is a must have piece of software, for all Apple users that love to be in control of their iOS device’s Internet connectivity. The Wi-Fi…