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Night Mode Time Lapse on iPhone 12

How To Capture Night Mode Time Lapse On iPhone 12 & 12 Pro

An exclusive feature available on the iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max is the Night Mode time lapse! The 2020 Apple flagships are able to capture spectacular videos which make the time to appear moving faster even in low light conditions. Camera Night Mode has been introduced last year, allowing the…

How to edit time-lapse speed on iPhone

How To Slow Down Time-Lapse Videos Recorded With Your iPhone Or iPad

The iPhone Camera comes with a lot of new features nowadays. In this article we will talk about one that was introduced back in 2014, but continues to be very popular. The Time-Lapse feature came together with iOS 8 and is able to record videos on fast-forward mode. This means that a 10-minute long video…

watchos 2 beta 5

WatchOS 2 Beta 5 New Features and Updates

Along with the iOS 9 Public Beta 3, Apple has also released its fifth test version of the upcoming watchOS 2. Both mobile and wearable operating system releases are scheduled for this fall and the Cupertino-based developers are working on fine tuning their software for the important official release. WatchOS 2 Beta 5 is only…

apple watch new york timelapse face

Apple Watch Time-Lapse Face Review

Starting with watchOS 2 Apple introduces a series of new Watch Faces, to your wrist-worn device. The launch version includes 10 Watch backgrounds, which come with specific customization option. Some like Modular, Utility, Simple, Color, Chronograph and Mickey can host several app complications, while others are less tweak-able like Motion and X-Large. The rest are…

ios 8 time-lapse feature

iOS 8 Camera App Has Built-in Time-Lapse Function

Yet another iOS 8 Camera app improvement, that is definitely worth mentioning, is the new Time-Lapse function. It comes in addition to the five previously available camera shooting modes (Photo, Video, Slow-Mo, Square and Pano) and provides the iPhone user the chance of creating spectacular videos that manage to contract time and render impressive masterpieces….