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iOS 16 Features

iOS 16 Timeline And Features List (Popular, Hidden & More)

There are numerous iOS 16 features for iPhone and iPad coming in this release! Check out our complete collection which includes popular, less known as well as hidden features! Check the complete timeline, starting with the first beta up to the current version, expected release date and more….

iOS 15 features for iPhone

iOS 15 Update: Timeline, Beta, Release Date And Features

iOS 15 is the most important software update coming for iPhones in 2021. As usual, Apple plans to release it to the general public, this autumn, together with its new smartphone lineup, most likely labeled as iPhone 13. However, we will get a glimpse and even the chance to try out iOS 15, much sooner,…

Voice Tweet displayed on Twitter timeline

How To Record And Post Voice Tweets On Twitter

Twitter has announced and released a new feature called Voice Tweets. this means you can tweet with your voice and post voice messages instead of text, from your iPhone, iPad, Mac or any other smartphone and computer that is equipped with a microphone. Voice tweets can be up to 140 seconds long. However, a continuous…

Google Maps Timeline disabled on iPhone

How To Enable / Disable Google Maps Timeline On Your iPhone

Google updated its Maps app for iOS, a couple of months ago, with a new feature called Timeline. When properly configured, this new option allows the app to collect and store data about the places, cities and countries that you visit and create a history of the places you’ve seen. If you like to travel…

Tunes a new app for couples by Facebook

Facebook Launches Tuned A New App For Couples (Free)

Facebook has revived its former Creative Labs development team, that was shutdown back in 2015. It’s now called NPE-team (New Product Experimentation Team) and has just launched a new app for iOS and Android Smartphones. Tuned is a new app for couples. The software is meant to provide a virtual private space for couples and…