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start timer from control center

Trick To Quickly Set A Timer On iPhone And iPad

You can set a timer on iPhone in various ways, especially if you plan to use the built-in iOS feature. The traditional method requires you to open the Clock app, tap on the Timer tab, configure the interval, select the alert tone and Start the countdown….

how to set timer on mac

How To Set A Timer On Mac In macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur doesn’t have a stock Clock app and thus is missing many native functions like Alarm and Stopwatch, that are available in iOS, iPadOS and watchOS. However, you can easily set a timer on your Mac with the help of Siri and the Reminders app….

iPhone Camera shortcut for Portrait Selfie mode

5 Ways To Take A Selfie Without Using The iPhone’s Shutter Button

Selfies are very popular nowadays. Technology has progressed so much that most smartphones are packed with powerful front-facing cameras. These are able to shoot spectacular selfies in various modes. In this article we take a look at how you can take a selfie with your iPhone, without tapping the on-screen Shutter button during the progress….

Timer not showing on Lock Screen in iOS 14

How To Fix Timer Not Showing Up On iOS 14 Lock Screen

Last updated on October 15th, 2020 at 07:42 amUpdated (October 6, 2020) with fix for iOS 14 timer locks screen bug! iOS 14 (as well as its predecessor, iOS 13) is a spectacular and useful update but it isn’t perfect by any means! That’s confirmed by a series of glitches that have surfaced since the…

ios 11 countdown timer with seconds precision

iPhone Countdown Timer Receives Seconds Precision In iOS 11

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference and the new Seconds division, added to the stock Timer app, in iOS 11, is a highly welcomed addition for those that like precision. If your iPhone or iPad runs the 11th iOS generation you can set countdown timers for time frames less than a minute,…