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how to fix macOS Big Sur not enough free storage to update

Fix macOS Big Sur Not Enough Free Space To Upgrade Issue

Upgrading to macOS Big Sur can prove to be quite a challenge especially if you’re trying to do it now as soon as it was released. If you manage to get past the ‘An error occurred while installing the selected updates‘ popup and actually download the macOS 11 update package, there is a high probability…

23 new Apple Watch tricks in watchOS 7

23 New Apple Watch Tricks Available In watchOS 7

watchOS 7 brings lots of new features and enhancements to the Apple Watch in 2020. Check out the new tricks available below and use your smartwatch at its full potential. To update your watch to the latest software, you first need to update the companion iPhone to iOS 14. The new Apple Watch Series 6…

how long does it take to update to ios 14

How Long Does It Take To Update iPhone To iOS 14?

iOS 14 has been released since a couple of days and we’re still getting lots of reports from users that complain about huge waiting times for downloading the latest iPhone software update file. We’ve got comments from viewers that claim that they’re prompted with hours of waiting time and there was a case when someone…

iPhone Compass not working properly

4 Ways To Fix iPhone Compass That’s Not Working Properly

Back in the days users had to manually calibrate the iPhone Compass every time you planned to use it. Now, the iOS Compass is automatically calibrating itself as long as it’s correctly set up. In this article we’ll check some tweaks that you can apply to improve accuracy, if the built-in Compass of your iPhone…

iPhone Camera shortcut for Portrait Selfie mode

5 Ways To Take A Selfie Without Using The iPhone’s Shutter Button

Selfies are very popular nowadays. Technology has progressed so much that most smartphones are packed with powerful front-facing cameras. These are able to shoot spectacular selfies in various modes. In this article we take a look at how you can take a selfie with your iPhone, without tapping the on-screen Shutter button during the progress….