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download all purchased tones ios 11 option

How To Download All Ringtones Ever Purchased From iTunes On iPhone & iPad In iOS 11

Among the multitude of new features included in iOS 11 there is one that allows you to redownload all ringtones that you ever purchased from iTunes, with your Apple ID. This allows you to easily grab your favorite tones whenever you upgrade your iPhone or iPad. You can lose your ringtones even if you don’t…

Santa Claus listening to Christmas jingles on Phone

Download 20 Winter Holiday Tunes and Alerts For Your iPhone

The Winter Holidays are knocking at the door, so it’s time to tune up our iOS devices for Christmas and New Year! The iPhoneTricks.org staff has designed over twenty alerts and tunes that promise to make your iPhones and iPads part of Santa’s symphony. Lure Saint Nick in your home and don’t miss this year’s…

iPhone sounds menu with Tennis Alerts

Download Free iPhone Tennis Tones For Alerts

It’s time to enrich your collection of iOS tunes with some custom made Tennis Alerts that thrill any tennis fan! Use the sounds specially recorded and uploaded by the iPhoneTricks.org Team and personalize your iOS device, showing to everyone what a tennis addict you are! So, you’re a fan of the elegant Roger Federer, or…