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iPhone 13 touch screen not working

iPhone 13 Touch Screen Not Working In iOS 15?

Is the iPhone 13 touch screen not working, or randomly stops responding when you least expect it? Are touches not recognized by your brand new device and you have to repeat taps and gestures a couple of times for the input to be registered?…

iPhone 12 mini unresponsive touch screen

How To Fix iPhone 12 Mini Touchscreen Not Working (Unresponsive)

Has your iPhone 12 Mini touchscreen become unresponsive? Is the touch screen not working ever since you’ve updated to iOS 15 Beta 5? You’re not the only one facing this issue. Apparently, this beta release can render some iPhone 12 screens unusable. Thankfully, a quick fix will help you restore the screen’s functionality!…

iphone 12 pro max unresponsive screen bug

How To Fix iPhone 12 Pro Max Unresponsive Screen (Touch Issues)

Your brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max has just been shipped but its screen is unresponsive to touch in certain situations? Although this is a common issue for the iPhone 12 mini, it’s the first report that we received for Apple’s over-sized iPhone 12 flagship! Similar to the iPhone 12 mini, the Pro Max doesn’t…