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Tap to click not working on Mac

Tap To Click Not Working On Mac In macOS Monterey (Fix?)

Is Tap to click not working on Mac since updating to macOS Monterey? This seems to be a common problem that MacBook users face after installing macOS 12.0.1. Although enabled, the Tap to click with one finger gesture isn’t recognized by the trackpad, resulting in a false click….

iPhone 6S 3D Touch Trackpad Trick.

Did You Notice The Hidden iPhone 6S Trackpad Trick?

Editing typos and witting long segments of text, on your iPhone, has just become a lot easier! The release of iOS 9 combined with the revolutionary 3D Touch technology, available with the latest Apple flagships, allows a series of gesture shortcuts and action commands that increase ones efficiency, while using the iPhone 6S and 6S…