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put back not working on mac in macOS ventura

Trash Put Back Not Working On Mac In macOS Ventura? (Fix?)

Put back not working in Trash on Mac? You’re getting ‘[file name] could not be put back because file doesn’t exit anymore’? This started after macOS Ventura update? Here is what to do!…

extension internal error macos ventura

Extension Internal Error: Can’t Trash Files in macOS Ventura

Are you getting Extension Internal Error when trying to send files to Trash in macOS Ventura? You can’t delete data from desktop, downloads, documents or any other location on your Mac after updating to macOS 13? You’re not alone!…

ios mail swipe to trash

Enable The Swipe To Trash iOS Mail Gesture

It’s common nowadays to own a crowded email account. If you’re an iPhone or iPad user which added his Gmail account to the built-in iOS Mail app, you might be annoyed that the swipe-left gesture doesn’t delete the selected mail. Instead, this shortcut sends the selected entry to the Archive. Basically your message remains unscathed…