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downgrade iOS 16.2 to 15

Downgrade iOS 16.2 To 15 Without Losing Data (iOS 15.6 RC)

Are you looking to downgrade iOS 16.2 to 15 without losing data? Yes, that’s still possible as long as iOS 15.6 RC remains singed! You need a computer, Mac or Windows and a Lightning to USB (USB-C) cable….

how to create Instagram Reels

How To Make, Watch And Use Instagram Reels Tutorial

Instagram has recently released a TikTok-like short video feature called Instagram Reels. It allows users to create 15-second-long entertaining videos with audio effects and other new creative options. If you don’t feel inspired you can just watch what others create! Reels can be shared with your Instagram followers as well as your Home Feed. If…

downgrade ios 11 to ios 10

How To Downgrade iOS 11 To iOS 10.3.3 On Your iPhone And iPad

iOS 11 is a huge leap forward for the iPhone and iPad operating system. However, as expected, such a major update comes with its share of bugs and glitches. Apple, has already released its first minor update to the initial version, labeled iOS 11.0.1, as well as the first public beta for iOS 11.1. If…

ios 8 release

iOS 8 Installation Steps and Facts

Apple have released the much expected iOS 8 version on September 17 at 1pm Eastern Time (6pm GMT+1). We where prompt and already upgraded our iDevices to the newest version, did some initial test and are now ready to share some important facts and tips with you. First of all, as you can notice, in…

siri relationship confirmation

Use Siri to Add Relationships and Simplify Voice Commands

Here is a little trick that will simplify your interaction with Siri. If you don’t already know, Siri is the built-in virtual assistant of any Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod. This tip is about creating relationships with your contacts. You can let Siri know which contact is your mother, sister, manager and so on. This…