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Twitter logout error on iPhone

Twitter Logout Error On iPhone In iOS 15?

Are you experiencing the Twitter logout error on iPhone? Is the app signing out all your sessions and you have to log-in every time you open the app? This seems to be widespread bug affecting mainly iOS 15 users. Twitter Logged Me Out ! Are you also affected by an ongoing Twitter logout bug the…

Twitter widgets for iOS 14 concept

How To Get Twitter Widgets For Home Screen In iOS 14 (Concept)

Home Screen widgets have been a real success in iOS 14! However, some of the most popular iOS apps are yet to update with support for iPhone glances. One of them is Twitter, but Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram aren’t there either….

How to Quote Tweet on Twitter

How To Use The New Twitter Quote Tweets Feature

Twitter has released a new feature called Quote Tweets. It helps you to easier locate and read the ‘Retweets with comments’ of your popular tweets, in a single place. In fact, the ‘Retweet with comment’ option has been renamed and replaced with the ‘Quote Tweet’ option. When you open the Quote Tweets section your original…

'Who can reply' new Twitter conversation setting

How To Limit Who Can Reply To Your Tweets On Twitter

Do you know that you can limit the users that can reply to your tweets? This new Twitter conversation option has been added recently and can be applied to each new tweet that you post. You can choose who can comment to your Tweet both on the web interface, as well as on mobile apps…

Hacked Apple tweet asking for Bitcoin

Apple’s Tweet Asking For Bitcoin Is A Hack (Don’t Send BTC!)

Apple’s Twitter account has just been hacked by scammers that are asking for Bitcoin! Allegedly the Cupertino-based tech giant has become a Bitcoin endorser. Not! The hackers that impersonate Apple claim that they want to give back to the community and entice readers to send any amount of BTC to an anonymous digital wallet. They…