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merge or delete duplicate iphone contacts

How To Delete or Merge Duplicate iPhone Contacts

Because this is the time of the year when gifts are most popular, it’s explainable that many smartphone users receive their first iPhone from Santa! One common problem when switching to iOS is importing contacts on your new Apple device. This can be done in various ways, but the easiest one is to sync all…

saving photos from iphone messages

How To Save Photos on your iPhone From Messages and Other Apps

It often happens that you browse your iOS device and land on a photo that you wish to save on it, for later usage. In this article I’ll show you how simple it is to download your favorite images and have them available, within your Photos app. No matter if you wish to save a…

ios contact picture adding

Tips For Adding Profile Photos To iOS Contacts

There are numerous benefits when it comes to adding an image or a photo to an iOS contact. First of all, your iPhone looks more alive and user-friendly, when engaging in a conversation with a contact that has a photo assigned to its profile. Secondly, it significantly improves detection. If someone is calling and your…