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woman receiving an unknown call

How To Call A Contact That Has Blocked Your Number

A while ago I showed you how to block a number and prevent that specific contact from reaching your iPhone. Whether it’s via messaging or calling you can easily protect yourself from harassing individuals and avoid contact with certain people that you want to stay away from. Now, let’s take a look at the other…

messages filter unknown senders setting

How To Stop Messages Notifications From Unknown Senders On iPhone

There are some moments during the day when you’re really busy and don’t afford to be disturbed by people that aren’t listed as iOS Contacts. Thanks to your iPhone you can filter out messages coming from unknown senders and prevent them from performing any audio, visual and tactile notifications. The incoming text will still show…

iOS 10 'New Contact info found'

The iOS 10 ‘New Contact info found’ Suggestion For Unknown iPhone Numbers

Today it’s about those minor iOS 10 features that make the difference. After checking out the newly added Recent label it’s time to see how the ‘New Contact info found’ feature works. This is practically another function that makes your iPhone proactive. Whenever you receive a text message from an unknown number, that’s a number…