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Home Screen swipes not working

Can’t Swipe Home Screen On iPhone In iOS 16? (Fix!)

Can’t swipe Home Screen on iPhone after iOS 16 update? Are you unable to swipe-left or right and browse through your various Home Screen pages? This appears to be a day-one bug and we have a workaround for it!…

iPhone 14 black screen issue

iPhone 14 Black Screen, Unresponsive, Shut Off? (Fix!)

Are you getting the iPhone 14 black screen issue? Brand new device suddenly became unresponsive? iPhone 14 Pro shut off by itself and doesn’t react to taps or button presses? This seems to be a common day-one bug!…

iPhone 12 mini unresponsive touch screen

How To Fix iPhone 12 Mini Touchscreen Not Working (Unresponsive)

Has your iPhone 12 Mini touchscreen become unresponsive? Is the touch screen not working ever since you’ve updated to iOS 15 Beta 5? You’re not the only one facing this issue. Apparently, this beta release can render some iPhone 12 screens unusable. Thankfully, a quick fix will help you restore the screen’s functionality!…

how to fix Dock not working

How To Fix Dock Not Working, Unresponsive, Freezing On Mac

Is the Dock not working on your Mac? Does it keep freezing and acts fully unresponsive when you click the app icons? This is a minor glitch that can be usually fixed by restarting the dock from the Terminal app. If the problem persist you can also reset the Dock to its factory settings….

HomePod Not Working

How To Fix HomePod Not Working, Unresponsive, Failure, Dead?

Has your HomePod suddenly stopped working and you’re looking for a way to fix it? Is Apple’s original Bluetooth speaker unresponsive, not turning on, practically dead? Unfortunately, you might be dealing with a serious HomePod hardware problem that has flared up after the release of the HomePod 14.6 software update!…