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WhatsApp Messenger updates group video calling limit to 8 participants

How To WhatsApp Group Video Call With Up To 8 Contacts

Almost three weeks ago, we reported that WhatsApp has made group video calling from the app more accessible to its users. However, the Facebook-owned cross-platform social messaging app had still a huge disadvantage when compared to its main competitors Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. WhatsApp was only able to connect a maximum of four users for…

watchos 2 facetime audio call option

3 Ways To Dial FaceTime Audio Calls From Apple Watch

A new feature of watchOS 2 is that it allows Apple Watch users to initiate FaceTime audio calls from their wrists. In the previous version the wrist-worn device owners where only able to dial regular cellular phone calls, via the signal borrowed from the paired iPhone. However, now the Watch is connected to the same…

whatsapp voice call screen

WhatsApp To Add Voice Calling Feature on iOS

The popular instant messaging application aims to rival with Apple’s built-in FaceTime/iMessage feature by adding the much expected voice calling option to the WhatsApp platform! It seems that we’re only a few weeks away until the Facebook-owned iOS app will update for Internet voice calls, according to the software’s co-founder Brian Acton. In fact, WhatsApp…