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How to fix Date Complication in watchOS 7

How To Fix Date Complication Missing Or Not Working (watchOS 7)

Is the Date Complication missing or not working on your Apple Watch? In most cases, this has to do with the fact that you’ve recently updated your device to watchOS 7! In watchOS 7 the Date complication is part of the stock Calendar app. To be able to display Today’s Date you have to use…

Apple Watch random restart bug in watchOS 7

How To Fix Apple Watch Random Restarts In watchOS 7

Have you updated your Apple Watch to watchOS 7 and ever since, the device is randomly restarting several times per day? You’re not the only one! We’ve received a dozen emails from various readers that report this problem. A thing that stands out though, is that in many cases the Apple Watch Series 3 is…

Apple Watch Blood Oxygen Tips

Apple Watch Series 6 Blood Oxygen Tips & Tricks (watchOS 7)

One of the most important new feature coming in watchOS 7 is the Blood Oxygen monitoring. However, because of hardware limitations this is only available with the 2020 Apple Watch flagship. You can easily turn your Apple Watch Series 6 into a Blood Oxygen Monitor, by installing the new Blood Oxygen app and resting your…

watchOS 7.0.2 software update

watchOS 7.0.2 Brings Battery Drain And ECG Fix (Download Now)

Apple has just released watchOS 7.0.2, the second software update of the 7th watchOS generation. It comes two weeks after watchOS 7.0.1 and almost one month since the public release of watchOS 7….

How to fix handwashing in watchOS 7

How To Fix Handwashing Not Working On Apple Watch (watchOS 7)

Handwashing is one of the most spectacular new features available in watchOS 7. The Apple Watch automatically detects when you’re washing your hands and starts a 20-second timer to make sure that you sanitize properly. However, many readers have reported that handwashing is not working. The device fails to detect the gesture and no timer…