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The Apple Watch Always On Feature

How To Use The Apple Watch Always On Display Feature

Starting with watchOS 6, Apple has added a new welcomed feature to your favorite wrist-worn device. It’s called Always On and as the name suggest it allows the smartwatch to display time and other complications even when your wrist is down and the Apple Watch idle. Unfortunately, this new option is quite selective. It’s only…

watchOS 6.2.1 software update fixes FaceTime bug

watchOS 6.2.1 Fixes FaceTime Audio Call Bug For Apple Watch

Alongside iOS 13.4.1, Apple has also rolled out watchOS 6.2.1 with a similar fix for a FaceTime bug. iOS 13.4 included a bug that was preventing iPhone owners from engaging in FaceTime calls with other iPhone or Mac owners that were running older software versions. The same goes for watchOS 6.2, the only difference is…

WWDC 2019 keynote photo

Watch The WWDC 2019 Keynote On Demand

As expected iOS 13 was announced and previewed during the WWDC 2019 keynote. The 13th iOS generation as well as the upcoming iPhone 11 will be our main focus from now on until their official release. Traditionally new iPhone models and their new OS are released in early to mid September. This summer we’ll highlight…