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Mindfulness notification on Apple Watch

How To Turn Off Mindfulness Notifications On Apple Watch

Is your Apple Watch prompting you with Mindfulness notifications daily after updating to watchOS 8? They can become annoying especially if you’re not the kind of person that are into meditation….

apple watch 7 not charging

Apple Watch 7 Not Charging (Randomly Stops Charging)

Is your Apple Watch 7 not charging properly? Does it randomly stop charging and when you pick it up from the MagSafe puck, instead of having a 100% battery load, you only get a couple of ticks higher on the battery status?…

watchOS 8.3 beta

watchOS 8.3 Beta: Features, Bug Fixes And Improvements

Apple has released watchOS 8.3 Beta only two days after the roll out of watchOS 8.1. This doesn’t mean that watchOS 8.2 will be skipped altogether. It might be released early November, when Fitness+ will be expanded to many other supported countries….

watchOS 8.1 update

watchOS 8.1 Features, Improvements, Bugs And Fixes

Apple has released watchOS 8.1 (build 19R570) alongside iOS 15.1, iPadOS 15.1 and macOS Monterey. This update includes improvements and bug fixes and is available for all compatible Apple Watches….

Contour Watch Face notification dot off center

Contour Watch Face Notification Dot Off Center (AW 7 Bug?)

Is the brand new Apple Watch 7 displaying the Notification dot off center? The red dot that indicates that you have unread notifications, is placed towards the right of the screen? Does this bother you? Is this a watchOS 8 bug or an intended behavior?…