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watchos 9.6.1 update

watchOS 9.6.1 Issues, Fixes, Bugs, Security & More

watchOS 9.6.1 build number 20U80 has been released for Apple Watch 4 and later! This is the 100th watchOS version ever rolled out by Apple! It’s a minor update that fixes an issue related to motion data access for some apps….

watchos 9.6 update

watchOS 9.6 Issues, Bugs Fixed, Security Updates & More

watchOS 9.6 build number 20U73 has been released for Apple Watch 4 and later! It’s an important update that brings bug fixes and lots of security improvements! Ongoing issues and new problems are also tracked here!…

watchos 9.5.2 battery drain issue

watchOS 9.5.2 Battery Drain Apple Watch Issue? (Fix!)

Experiencing watchOS 9.5.2 battery drain issues right after updating Apple Watch? Battery life is significantly worse? Down to only a few hours. Wrist-worn gadget doesn’t last a full day anymore? You’re not the only one!…

watchos 9.6 beta 4

watchOS 9.6 Beta 4 Features, Issues, Bugs & Fixes

Apple has seeded watchOS 9.6 Beta 4 build number 20U5559c for Developers and Public Beta testers. Take a look at the new features, changes, fixes as well as ongoing issues and new bugs reported by users!…

watchos 9.5.2 update

watchOS 9.5.2 Issues, Bug Fixes, Security Update & More

watchOS 9.5.2 with build number 20T571 has been released for Apple Watch 4 and later! It’s another minor update that comes after 9.5.1 and focuses on security patches! Check the ongoing issues and bug fixes too!…