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AirPods Max condensation

How To Fix AirPods Max Condensation Issue (Water In Ear Cups)

Are your AirPods Max condensing? Did you find water inside your ear cups and even on the drivers? You’re not the only one experiencing this! We’ve just been mailed about the problem! Apparently, the over-ear headphones condense during longer listening sessions!…

iOS 14 Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector bug

Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector Bug (iPhone Not Wet)

Is your iPhone displaying a popup that reads ‘Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector’? Is this happening although your device hasn’t been anywhere near a water source? This Liquid-detection alert has been triggered out of the blue for a series of iPhone owners. It started during iOS 14 and the issue continues in iOS 15….

Error message when charging a wet iPhone

Wait At Least 5 Hours Before Charging A Wet iPhone!

Apple’s iPhones get more and more water resistant with each new generation. However, they are still far away from being waterproof, although the iPhone XS and XS Max have received the IP68 rating, which is the maximum available when it comes to water and dust protection for a device, they are still quite vulnerable to…

water in iphone 7 speaker port

How To Remove Water From Speaker If Your iPhone Sounds Muffled

Although the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are advertised as being IP67 water and dust proof, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend us to use the iOS device in a wet environment. This might sound like a contradiction and you’re fully entitled to label it this way, but this is Apple’s way of sneaking out from…

Apple Watch Water Eject Feature

How To Eject Water From Apple Watch Series 2 Speaker

The 2nd Apple Watch generation comes with a 50m water resistance rating which qualifies it as recommended for pool swimming workouts as well as shallow water activities in the sea or the ocean. However, there still is a single area of the smartwatch that isn’t fully watertight and that’s the speaker. This makes sense because…