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Waze Apple Music integration

Waze Apple Music Integration Now Available For iPhone

Waze Apple Music integration is now available on iPhone! This means that iOS users can access the premium music content directly from the Waze Audio Player. A handy feature especially for those own a car without CarPlay support….

Waze railroad crossing alert

How To Use Waze Railroad Crossing Alerts (Turn On/Off)

Waze has recently introduced a new alert to its already impressive navigation features. Now you’re notified when you’re approaching a railroad crossing. The feature has initially rolled out to the United States, Canada and Belgium. At the time of writing it’s also available in Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Israel, Romania and…

driving while navigating with iphone

How To Avoid Road Tolls When Navigating With Apple Maps, Google Maps Or Waze

Although it isn’t perhaps a function that you use on your iPhone everyday, the real-time navigation feature comes in very handy whenever you have to drive to a new location and need GPS assist. Your iOS gadget uses its Global Positioning System’s hardware along with the built-in Apple Maps or third party apps like Google…