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WhatsApp Custom Wallpapers for iPhone

How To Change WhatsApp Wallpaper On iPhone (New Backgrounds)

You can now change WhatsApp wallpapers for each chat using an image from the iPhone’s Photos app, or a new background from the refreshed wallpaper gallery. More, you can also set separate backgrounds, when Dark Mode is enabled on your iPhone….

How To Use Memoji in WhatsApp

How To Send Memoji Clips & Stickers In WhatsApp From iPhone (iOS 14)

Memojis have become increasingly popular in the past year and iOS 14 adds to this trend with six new features and enhancements that make your personalized emoji stand out and express your style with even more accuracy. There are still many iPhone users that think that Memoji is restricted to Messages and have never used…

WhatsApp crashing on iPhone again and again

5 Ways To Fix WhatsApp Crashing On iPhone Again And Again

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social messaging apps available for smartphones. It’s cross-platform and free to use, which makes it appealing for both iOS, Android and Windows platform users. You can use WhatsApp for texting, group chats, video calling, group calling without the limitation of being an iPhone, Samsung or other smartphone brand…

WhatsApp group video call with up to 50 members

How To WhatsApp Group Video Call With Up To 50 Participants

Now you can start a group video call with up to 50 members from WhatsApp. This is available thanks to the integration of the popular cross-platform messaging app with another popular Facebook-owned app, called Messenger. This combo is using the Messenger Rooms feature that was launched in April as a direct competitor to group video…

WhatsApp Messenger updates group video calling limit to 8 participants

How To WhatsApp Group Video Call With Up To 8 Contacts

Almost three weeks ago, we reported that WhatsApp has made group video calling from the app more accessible to its users. However, the Facebook-owned cross-platform social messaging app had still a huge disadvantage when compared to its main competitors Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. WhatsApp was only able to connect a maximum of four users for…