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Step Counter Home Screen Widget iOS 14

How To Add Step Counter Widget On iPhone Home Screen In iOS 14

Home Screen widgets are getting increasingly popular as more and more third-party apps update with support for this new iOS and iPadOS 14 feature. They help you save time by reading the info that you need as soon as you unlock your iPhone….

Widgetsmith update fixes grey screen bug

Widgetsmith Updated With Fix For Grey Screen Bug ( 4 New Widgets Added)

Widgetsmith is one of the uprising stars of the App Store community thanks to the new iOS 14 Home Screen widgets feature. This third-party app adds customization widgets for the iPhone and iPad. It’s essentially a widget for widgets. The numerous customization options allow you to create thousands of new widgets for the Home Screen….

How to use Color Widgets

How To Fix Color Widgets Not Working On iPhone & iPad In iOS 14

iOS 14 has set a new trend in iPhone Home Screen customization thanks to the new Home Screen widgets. Because the stock apps offer a limited widget selection, it’s the third-party apps that have become increasingly popular and advertised on social media platforms….

how to fix iPadOS 14 Home Screen Widgets

How To Fix iPad Home Screen Widgets Not Working In iPadOS 14

You updated to iPadOS 14 but aren’t able to add popular widgets like Widgetsmith and other trending stock or third-party glances on your iPad’s Home Screen? Unfortunately, widgets on your iPad don’t work in the same way as they do on an iPhone. If you’re using the new iOS 14 Home Screen widgets, you might…

5 ways to fix Widgetsmith

5 Ways To Fix Widgetsmith Grey Screen, Black Screen, No Data Errors On iPhone & iPad

Home Screen widgets have become very popular since last week’s release of iOS 14. Widgetsmith is one of the most popular apps that provides custom widgets for iPhone and iPad….