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FaceTime and iMessage popup

How To Fix FaceTime and iMessage Activation Error Popup

Is your iPhone frequently displaying a FaceTime and iMessage popup that informs about a failed service activation attempt? Is the error mentioning that ‘your network provider might charge for SMS messages used to activate FaceTime and iMessage’?…

YouTube Videos not opening in iOS 15

How To Fix YouTube Videos Not Opening On iPhone (iOS 15)

Are YouTube videos not opening in app on iPhone since you’ve updated to iOS 15? Does this issue occur when trying to open the first two videos listed in a search result? You tap on the thumbnail, but it’s unresponsive? The video page refuses to open and you can’t play the clip?…

Safari video black screen bug

How To Fix Safari Videos Black Screen Bug (iOS 15 & iPadOS 15)

Are you experiencing Safari video playback issues in iOS 15? Do you want to watch a clip embedded in a web page but the media is not playing? In fact, the movie plays, as you can see the timeline unfolding, but the video only shows a black screen? Sometimes audio and captions are available without…