The Multicolor Modular Apple Watch Face

multicolor modular apple watch face

Multicolor Modular Apple Watch face.

Besides the new Watch Faces built-in in watchOS 2 (Time-Lapse, Photo and Photo Album), you’ll also find new color additions, coming with this 2nd generation software. The existing backgrounds receive an additional set of 9 tones, totalizing an impressive 18 nuances that you can choose from. This means that you can further tweak the 10 watch backgrounds, initially available, to match your display with the new bands and cases released by Apple.

More, the already famous Modular watch face is now also equipped with the Multicolor option, meaning that the complications come in different colors to create a vivid and attractive Watch display. However, to our dismay, the tones of the info modules are predefined and not editable. This means that although you do get a multicolor effect, it’s a standard one and you can’t change it. At least not in this watchOS version!

How To Set Up The Multicolor Watch Face
multicolor modular watch face setup Display multiple shades on the Modular face is very easy. You just have to flick your wrist and wake the Apple Watch. Next, press firmly on the screen until you enter the Watch Face editor. Swipe for the Modular background and hit Customize when you reach it. Now, make sure that you’re on the color selection screen. It’s the first one, from the two available. Turn the Digital Crown to scroll through colors. The Multicolor background is at the top, so you have to rotate counter-clockwise until you reach the end of the scrollbar. Finally, press the Digital Crown to validate your selection.
Fact: Each complication has different colors. While on the Modular watch face editor, swipe for the second screen and browse the small widgets to see their shades. Even the third-party widgets are colored!

All 18 Apple Watch Face Colors
Below you have a comparison of all 18 shades that you can choose from, when customizing a watch face. Depending on the background you can color the second hand, date info and the other complications available

white watch face color
red modular watch face
orange watch face color
Light Orange
light orange modular watch face
yellow watch face color
green modular watch face
turquoise modular complications
Light Blue
light blue watch face
blue modular watch face
Midnight Blue
midnight blue apple watch face
purple watch face
lavender watchos2 color
pink watch complications
Vintage Rose
vintage rose watchos 2 color
walnut watchos2 face
stone watchos 2 color
Antique White
antique white apple watch color
multicolor modular watch face