Threads Crashing On iPhone When Uploading Image? (Fix!)

threads crashing on iphone

Threads crashing on iPhone

Threads crashing on iPhone after updating to iOS 17 beta? The app crashes when you try to upload one or more images? This issue occurs when trying to post a new thread and also when uploading photo to reply?

Threads Crashing On iPhone?

This issue has been reported by Desmond (iOS 17 Beta 3):

“New Threads app is crashing when uploading photo! Is this caused by iOS 17 or by a Threads bug? Anyone having the same problem in 16.x?”

This appears to be a widespread bug impacting all Threads users running the app on an iOS 17 device. Issue hasn’t been fixed in the most recent Beta 3 rerelease either!

Are you experiencing the same problem on an iOS 16 device? Share it in the comments please.

How To Fix Threads Crashing When Uploading Photo

Until Meta addresses this bug in an upcoming software update you can apply the following workaround:

1. Share To Threads

  • 1. Open Photos and browse to the image that you want to post on Threads.
  • 2. Tap the Share icon and use the Share to Threads option.
  • 3. Add text or whatever else you want to include in your thread and tap Post.
  • Credits: Thanks mattytude for sharing this fix.

2. Copy/Paste Photo

If you want to reply to a thread and the app is crashing when you want to attach an image, use the iPhone’s copy – paste feature:

  • 1. In Photos browse to the image that you want to add to a Threads reply.
  • 2. Tap Share, in the bottom-left corner and Copy Photo.
  • 3. Return to threads, touch & hold the text field to unveil the Paste option and use it to add image in the reply field!

Have you managed to fix Threads crashing on iPhone? Do you have a better solution or another problem to report? Share your feedback in the comments!

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