TikTok Crashing on iPhone! iOS 16 Bug or Global Downtime?

tiktok crashing iphone

TikTok crashing iPhone in iOS 16.

Is TikTok crashing on iPhone in iOS 16? You try to open the app but it crashes over and over again? Don’t panic! You’re not the only one affected. This is a global issue and it will be most likely fixed in a very short timeframe because it’s affecting too many users!

TikTok Crashing On iPhone

This problem has been reported to us by numerous readers in the past few minutes and there can be only one reason: global downtime.

“I open tiktok and it boots me off, it could have something to do with the new IOS16 update?”

“Tiktok randomly crashes before i even load a video.”

tiktok keeps crashing every couples seconds ???

tiktok crash reports downdetector

TikTok crash reports from downdetector.

TikTok service issues are confirmed by Downdetector.com (direct link): almost 25,000 reports have been filled within a very short timeframe!

How To Fix TikTok Not Working

When we’re dealing with a global downtime, there’s obviously nothing that you can do about it, but wait it out!

The good thing is that TikTok’s servers are to blame for this problem. Such outages are usually fixed quickly, so stay tuned for news!

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