Tips For Using Maps on Apple Watch

apple watch maps app

Apple Watch Maps app!

Your watch OS device is able to access the GPS available on the paired iPhone, in order to locate your current position, display it on the map and even provide directions for a searched destination. The Apple Maps app on your smartwatch comes with a few neat additions that sometimes make it the more convenient option to the detriment of its iOS version.

One of them would be the ingenious follow directions system, that informs you when to turn left or right by using your Watch’s taptic engine. Your wrist gadget will tap you whenever you need to change direction. If you feel 12 back-to-back vibrations on your wrist, it means that you have to turn right. Take the first left, when you sense three pairs of two taps. This system allows you to drive and follow directions, without needing to check the display and get distracted!

Current Location on Apple Maps Glance
current location on apple watch maps glance As on the iPhone, the Maps app on watch OS, provides two main functions: chart exploration and navigation assistance.
The easiest way to access this application on your Watch is via glances.
Swipe up from the Watch Face to open the summary of your popular apps.
Swipe left or right until you reach the Maps glance. On this view, you’re prompted with your actual location on the map. Tap the screen while on the glance view, to open the full Maps app and be able to use several other functions.

maps view on apple watch Pan – You can drag the screen with your finger to pan the map and see surrounding locations. If you go too far out, tap the arrow in the bottom-left corner to return to your position on the chart!

Zoom – Turn the Digital Crown to zoom in or out. Zooming in is also possible if you double tap on an area of the map. Repeat this gesture to zoom in bit by bit.

Tip: In case you have an event about to unfold, saved in your Calendar app, you’ll see directions to it on the Maps glance!

How To Search Map on Apple Watch
Use Force Touch and press firmly on the screen until the Search and Contacts options pop up. If you want to get directions to one of your acquaintances, press Contacts and select it from the list. Else, tap search and dictate the location that you wish to find, or choose from the list with your latest looked up places.

Drop Pin – If you search for a region on the map, that doesn’t have a landmark nearby, save that location by sticking a pin on the chart. Tap & hold the area of the map, where you want to insert the pin. Tap it to get the exact address, or use it as a start or end point for navigation.

Call Location – If the site comes with phone details attached to its address, you can call it by taping the phone number!

search maps on apple watch
recent landmarks on apple watch
searched landmark displayed on map

Use Maps Navigation on Apple Watch
select destination direction options The easiest way to get directions to a common landmark like a gas station is by asking Siri to do it for you. Flick your wrist and speak out: “Hey Siri, directions to the nearest [landmark name]!”. If “Hey Siri” isn’t available, just press and hold the Digital Crown until your Watch’s virtual assistant wakes up.
You can also start navigation on Apple Watch, by searching for a location as instructed above. On the location’s info screen, scroll for Directions and select if you want to walk or drive to the required landmark. You have travel duration estimations to help your decision. Tap on the preferred option and navigation starts.
A third option would be to search the map and drop a pin in the area that you wish to go to.
apple watch maps route display Now, tap & hold until the address page of that pin opens up. Turn the Digital Crown for the directions section and make your selection! To begin, tap Start and off you go. A list with step by step indications unfolds on your Apple Watch’s display!

Check Route – While walking or driving to your destination, you can always swipe left on the current step to switch to the map view and see how far away you traveled.

stop apple watch navigation Estimated Time of Arrival For more precise information about how long you still have to move until you reach the desired landmark, check the ETA time, available in the top-left corner of the directions screen. Info is displayed both on step and map views. If your journey is long and you wish to save the Watch’s battery, handoff to the paired iPhone at any moment.

Tip: If you have your destination in sight and wish to terminate navigation, before reaching the last leg, in order to save battery or avoid distractions, press firmly on the screen and hit Stop Directions!