Top 10 iOS Apps For April Fools

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April Fools Apps!

It’s the one day of the year when you’re allowed to play hoaxes on your friends, so make the most of it! We’ve toppled the App Store for you, in search of the best apps to help you achieve the funnies pranks!

Are you ready to dissimulate reality, change your personality, pretend to be someone that you aren’t and praise yourself with imaginary friends? All this with the help of your iPhone and a few ingenious third-party apps.

So, make sure that your battery percentage shows three figures, read on and start the April Fools marathon! Don’t forget to report back and share your best jokes with us. We wait for your comments!

Top 10 April Fools iPhone Apps
fake celebrity call 10. Who’s Calling? (Free)
Impress your friends by claiming that you’re a celebrity best friend! Place your iPhone on a desk or anywhere visible and get ready to be called by the U.S. president, Barack Obama, or any other personality that you predefine!
Make sure that you use a decent fake call delay. If it’s too long it might not work because your iPhone will lock, if it’s too short, the trick might not be that spectacular. A time-frame between 10-20 seconds should be ideal.

ghost effect9. Tap & Fart (Free) – This one is a classic! Choose between 9 type of farts including: standard, squeezed, gentle, quick, sustained, two-tone, wet, airy and pinched! Prank your friends by unleashing a simulated fart whenever someone sits down at a table or sits out from a chair!

8. Ghost Lens+ (Free) – Add special effect to photos including your own clones and make them looks as ghosts, or blend photos such as it looks that your spirit comes out from your body. A terrifying effect!

ibeer prank7. iBeer (Free) – Turn your iPhone into a draft beer glass and simulate drinking your favorite beverage. The funny virtual trick allows the liquid to behave as it would in reality, creating a perfect beverage drinking simulation! Grab the iBeer Pro version to unlock great features like shake for foam, pour iBeer into other iPhones or select from a various number of other beverages!
6. April Fool’s Day Ideas (Free) – Feeling out of ideas? This app is an April-fool-pedia giving you numerous tips on how to play jokes on your friends and become an April Fools champion!

lie detector prank5. Bleep! (Free) – Do you have friends addicted to cursing and bad language. Use the red button to bleep them out, exactly as they do it in movies. Censor as many f-words as possible to kick out this bad habit!

4. Lie Detector (Free) – Prank your friends by performing polygraph texts on them, while you’re the one controlling the outcome. Realistic visual and audio effects make the test seem genuine and help you trick your friends. iOS 8 and iPhone 6 supported!

burning car prank3. Dude, Your Car! ($0.99)
This app is worth every penny! Trick your friends that their car was damaged. Spy on your target and snap a photo with his car, while he is at work or relaxing at home. Add the virtual damage and mail him the photo. You can bend his spoiler, simulate parking blocks and everything police related! He’ll freak out!
Want to go one step further? Add a fire damage and share the prank on social media so that all common friends can enjoy the show!

predefined prank calls2. Prankdial (Free)
We saved the best for last. What great hoaxes can you play on April Fool’s day with your iPhone, when not prank calls? This app has a set of joke calls predifined. What you have to do is choose one of your contacts that you target and send him or her the: Secret Crush, Annoying Kid, Radio Giveaway, Wrong Girlfriend, Indian Tech Support, No Smoking or many other predefined prank calls! The great news is that you have two calls for free, each day! Enjoy!

hoax call with background noise1. SpoofCard ($9.95)
The best hoax calls are still those that you dial yourself. Use this app to change your voice, fake caller ID and background noise to complete crazy jokes on your friends!
The first three calls are free, but after that you have to pay for your fun. Have a great April Fool’s Day!
Update: You can find the bonus prank to trick all your iPhone contacts below!

Bonus: Fake Texts Prank (Free)
imessage april fools jokeiPhone text prank 1. Tap & Hold the famous iMessage ‘now typing’ icon (available nearby), until the Save Image options pops-up on your screen! Store the fake gif animation and start pranking your friends!
2. Choose an Apple contact and start a conversation. For optimal results, type first something similar to: ‘You won’t believe what just happened!?!’;‘Here is something interesting:’; or ‘This is really important!’. This way you’ll attract your contact’s attention and keep him glued to the iPhone’s screen!
3. Now, tap the camera icon available in the bottom left corner of your iMessage conversation thread and select the ‘now typing’ gif image that you’ve saved at Step 1! Send it and leave the chat room.
4. Take enough time to savor your hoax. Whenever you’re ready, text your friend again and say something like: ‘April Fools!… remember?’