Top 10 MacBook Pro Notch Memes That Mock The New Design

macbook notch meme

MacBook notch meme

MacBook Pro notch memes have flooded the web right after Apple released its revolutionary M1 Pro and M1 Max powered notebooks. The new design includes an iPhone-like notch. Although mostly unobtrusive, the notch looks out of place and many consider it a step back. It’s Apple’s trade-off for slimmer bezels and a 1080p webcam!

Top 10 MacBook Pro Notch Memes

Right after the Apple Unleashed event keynote the web has been flooded by hilarious memes that mock the latest MacBook Pro design change. We’ve created a funny collection of them. They’re available below:

1. MacBook Pro Notch And iPhones

This meme is about iPhone fans hopes of getting the notch removed from future iPhone generations, yet Apple decides to expand the notch to the MacBook Pro M1!
macbook pro notch and iphones
Meme source: Reddit

2. MacBook Pro Notch Rear View Mirror

In this meme the new notch is compared with a car’s rear view window:
macbook pro rear view window meme
Source: Reddit

3. MacBook Pro Notch Trade-Off For Slimmer Bezels

The slimmer 3.4 mm bezels are the main reason for the MacBook Pro M1 notch, that also has to accommodate the 1080p camera!
macbook pro notch because of slimmer bezels
Source: Reddit

4. Apple Fans Reaction To The MacBook Notch

Funny meme that depicts the overall Apple fan reaction when learning about the MacBook notch:
apple fans reaction to macbook notch
Source: Reddit

5. macOS Monterey Wallpaper with Notch Meme

Fans are mocking the new macOS Monterey wallpaper and ‘redesigned’ it to fit the notch:
macOS Monterey wallpaper with notch meme
Source: Reddit

6. Drake M1 Pro & M1 Max Naming Meme

This one isn’t notch related but still hilarious. It’s mocking Apple’s chosen names for the upgraded M1 Silicone chips:
drake m1 pro and m1 max meme
Source: Reddit

7. MacBook Pro Touch Bar Gone Meme

Notch is in, touch bar is out meme depicting a sad Apple fan:
macbook pro touch bar gone meme
Source: Reddit

8. MacBook Pro Magsafe is back meme

It’s not the MagSafe most Apple fans were expecting:
Macbook pro magsafe is back meme
Source: Reddit

9. New MacBook Pro Reverting Changes

Meme mocking the way Apple has return to some of the ports and features that they ditched in the previous MacBook Pro update:
Macbook pro reverts changes meme
Source: Reddit

10. Apple Recent Hardware Naming Meme

An finally a meme that mocks Apple’s chosen names for the new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips:
m1 pro and m1 max names meme
Source: Reddit

Which is your favorite MacBook Pro notch meme? Do you know other funny ones? Use the comments section and share your feedback!

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