Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Get A VPN For iPhone & iPad

10 Reasons For VPN on iPhone and iPad

10 Reasons For VPN on iPhone and iPad

iPhone users have become more aware than ever about the need to keep their digital data safe and secure on their iOS device. Whenever new iPhones are released the data privacy is upgraded. iOS 14 makes no exception as it’s one of the most privacy-focused software releases in Apple history. However, nothing is perfect and a VPN service for your iPhone can still be very helpful.

Why You Should Use A VPN On Your iPhone?

There are several reasons why you could use a Virtual Private Network on your iPhone:

1. Secure Messaging Between Devices

There are numerous cross-platform messaging services that people use such as Snapchat, Skype and WhatsApp. The problem is that not all of these apps are encrypted. Therefore, people may be placing their data at risk. A VPN ensures the user a higher level of security and protection when they communicate with other people using an iPhone.

2. Voice over Internet Protocol

Even though voice over IP has become incredibly popular during the past few years, mainly due to its low cost, it also places data at risk. Therefore, it is recommended for you to safeguard your data. Even if you’re using your iPhone for non-important VoIP communication, you can consider protecting it with the help of a VPN.

3. Access Additional TV Shows & Movies

There are some streaming services, such as Netflix, that place geographic restrictions on their content. It can be frustrating for people trying to watch popular TV shows from restricted regions. A VPN can access a server from a different country, changing someone’s virtual location and bypassing restrictions.

4. Improve Online Gaming

A VPN connection can also improve your online gaming experience. Some of the benefits are:

  • Online anonymity when playing Second Life-similar iOS games like Avakin Life.
  • Secure credit card info for online purchases, made outside of the App Store ecosystem.
  • Bypass geographic blocking restrictions, similar to watching Netflix from restricted countries.
  • A VPN could even offer faster Internet connection speeds, in case your data is being throttled.
  • More: Very popular games can become highly competitive and your opponents might even attempt to DDoS you, especially when money rewards are at stake. For this, I recommend Surfshark for iPhone! It can protect you against DDoS attacks, and keep your gaming gaming experience unaltered.

5. Protect Financial Information

No matter how much you try, at some point you will still end-up connecting to a unsecured Wi-Fi network. If you use it to check your financial information, you could expose confidential information at risk. A VPN can protect someone’s data from start to finish, allowing you to conduct personal business on your iOS device without having to worry that a hacker could be stealing personal information.
Fact: iOS 14 also helps with this. The new Private Wi-Fi address feature assigns a different MAC address to your iPhone every time you connect to a different hotspot, making sure that you can’t be tracked by network profilers!

6. Circumvent Censorship

Next, it is also important to highlight the role that government censorship might play in someone’s browsing experience. There are some countries that limit the websites their citizens can visit. For example, this might be done to protect the regime or favorite a certain political party. If you’re traveling abroad to a non-democratic country, you can bypass this censorship with the help of a VPN. Use it to spoof your current location and access any website.

7. Conceal Browsing History

It is also important for people to take steps to conceal their browsing history. There are many people who are concerned that people and companies might be able to track their browsing history online. A VPN will scramble someone’s IP address, concealing their movements in the online world. That way, people will be able to browse the internet guilt-free. 

8. Access Cheaper Prices from Retail Stores

Businesses target not only their advertisements but also their prices for certain customers. For example, if a website uses cookies to see that someone has viewed a certain item before, they may adjust that item to a higher price. Using a VPN, it is possible for people to remain anonymous when they shop online. They can even change their location, accessing the best price possible!
Tip: This is particularly useful when purchasing airline tickets!

9. Prevent Google Tracking

Another major advantage of using a VPN for an iPhone is at this will halt Google tracking. Many people do not realize that Google tracks everything that its users do online. For example, they search Gmail accounts to allow their clients to target advertisements to their users. A VPN can stop Google tracking, allowing people to take back control of their privacy.

10. Get Rid Of Ads

Last but not least a VPN will also have ad-blocker functions ad will help you to get rid of ads and intrusive popup banners, when browsing the web.

Conclusion: the main reason for using a VPN for your iPhone, iPad or any other Internet device is that it will provide increased privacy. With a robust encryption protocol, a VPN provides the tools you need for securing your email accounts, cloud storage accounts, and more.

Are you currently using a VPN service on your iPhone? Do you plan to use one? Use the comments section and share your feedback!

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