Trick To Block Email Tracking On iPhone And Mac

how to block email tracking in ios 14

How to block email tracking in iOS!

Did you know that email marketing companies can still track you on iPhone and Mac even with the Allow Apps to Request to Track feature now available, starting with iOS 14.5? However, you can block them by disabling a simple setting called Load Remote Images!

Marketing companies use a technique that allows them to embed a tracking pixel within a sent email, that’s easily hidden in an image, used as a signature for example. When you open the targeted message, using the Mail app, code from the pixel will automatically send info back to the tracking company. Data like the time when you opened the email and your whereabouts could be shared!

How To Prevent Mail Tracking

Thankfully, there is a way to prevent this from happening on both your iPhone and Mac.

Block Mail Tracking On iPhone

how to block email tracking on iphone

  • Open Settings and search for Mail
  • In the Messages section, disable the Load Remote Images feature.
  • Fact: This will prevent images from loading automatically in Mail and block potential tracking.

Stop Mail Tracking On Mac

how to block email tracking on mac
Things are similar in macOS Big Sur. Proceed as follows:

  • Open the stock Mail app.
  • Click on Mail in the menu bar and go for Preferences.
  • Switch for the Viewing tab.
  • Disable ‘Load remote content in messages’, by unchecking the box available next to it!
  • Tip: You can achieve the same results, without sacrificing the loading of images in Mail. It’s possible with the help of a free GitHub plugin called MailTrackerBlocker (direct link).

Are you worried about tracking? Or you prefer to allow apps to track you because you want to get related ads served to your device? Use the comments section and share your opinion!

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