Trick To Make iPhone Speakers Sound Even Louder Than Maximum Volume Up

Trick to make iPhone speakers sound even louder than maximum

Trick to make iPhone speakers sound even louder than maximum.

Those of you that use the iPhone for playing music out loud will be delighted to find out about this hidden iOS feature! Did you know that you can make your iPhone speakers sound even louder than the maximum Volume setting? I’m talking about a hidden Equalizer setting that allows your Apple smartphone to go even louder when maximum Volume Up is turned on. An Equalizer is used to correct or adjust the response of loudspeakers (in our case). Depending on your environment your iPhone let’s you tweak this setting and make your speakers sound optimal!

All that you have to do open the Settings app and scroll for the Music section. Access it and look for the Playback section. The EQ (Equalizer) is set to the “Off” status, by default. Tap it and you will unveil a list of available playback modes. Select the “Late Night” option and you’ve just made your iPhone speakers sound louder than usual. Test the feature out your self!

Trick to make iPhone speakers sound louder via hidden equalizer setting How to test: Bring your iPhone’s audio levels to maximum Volume and play a song or whatever audio you want. Open the Equalizer settings menu, the one that you used above for turning the “Late Night” mode On. Listen to the song with the equalizer mode switched “Off” and than “On”. Do you hear the difference?

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