Trick To Unlock Dark Mode For Gmail On iPhone And iPad

Gmail for iOS with Light and Dark Mode

Gmail for iOS with Light and Dark Mode.

Apple has introduced system-wide Dark Mode feature for the iPhone and iPad starting with iOS 13. That’s more than 7 months ago, but some popular third-party apps have failed to update with support for the new black theme. That’s a shame because the dark background is much more friendly with the user’s eyes, when the smart devices are used in a low-light environment.

One of these apps is the highly popular Gmail for iOS. The mailing client has lots of fans among iPhone and iPad users. It’s in fact the no. 1 Productivity app in the App Store! However, Google has inexplicably delayed to introduce support for the new iOS Dark Mode. An when the feature became available the Mountain View-based tech giant has decided to drip feed it to customers, instead of releasing it for everyone in the same time. Because of that the Internet has been flooded with reports of users that already enjoy the Dark Mode, while others use the Gmail app without any low-light filters..

How To Skip The Wait And Get Gmail Dark Mode Right Away
Apparently, there are a few tricks that you can apply in order to speed up the Dark Mode activation phased for the Gmail app on your iPhone and iPad.
1. First of all make sure that you have updated to the latest Gmail version for iOS available in the App Store. (Direct update link)
2. Then check for the system-wide Dark Mode to be enabled on your device. This can be either done either from the Settings app, or via the Control Center shortcut.
3. Have at least one Google account and make sure that you are signed in to Gmail.
Important: If you use one or more Gsuite accounts sign out of them until you manage to unlock the Dark Mode.
how to force close Gmail app on iPhone 4. Force close the Gmail app. This is done from the iOS App Switcher. While browsing the app, swipe-up to enter the app multi-tasking screen. Slide the Gmail app up until it flies away from the list. This means that the app is completely shutdown.
Tip: If you own an iPhone with Home button, the App Switcher is enabled with a double-click of the Home button.
5. Return to the Home screen and tap the Gmail icon to reopen it. Your mailing app should now display the dark theme.
Important: If the trick doesn’t work, repeat it. It’s not sure why but some users have managed to unlock the Gmail app only after the third or fourth cycle.
Fact: If the trick worked, you can sign in with a paid Gsuite account if you had to sign out at Step 3.

How To Tweak Always-On Dark Mode For Gmail
how to make dark mode always-on for Gmail on iPhone If you love Gmail’s dark appearance you can set it as default theme even when the iPhone runs the light mode system-wide.
1. Open Gmail on your iOS device.
2. Tap the Menu icon (three horizontal lines) available in the top-left corner of the screen.
3. Scroll for Settings and enter.
4. Tap on Theme.
5. Select Dark, from the options available.
Fact: The default setting is “System default”. This will allow Gmail to synchronize with iOS and display similar theme.

Did you manage to get Dark Mode for Gmail on your iPhone or iPad? Let us know in the comments section available below.

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