Turn On iPhone Flashlight via Apple Watch

apple watch ping iphone button

Apple Watch ping iPhone button.

We’re almost one week into our Apple Watch experience and here I report back to share with you a newly discovered trick that makes your wrist gadget a little more special. Did you know that you can remotely turn on your iPhone’s flashlight via your wearable? This feat isn’t available with the help of a specifically designed watch OS app, like the Apple Watch Camera application, which lets you take remote photos on your iPhone.

It’s a trick available when using the Ping your iPhone feature on Apple Watch. This setting has been introduced to help you locate your iOS device, if you ever misplace it. Swipe up from the watch face to open glance view. Next, swipe left or right to bring the Settings view. Tap the Ping iPhone button, located in the lower part of the screen, under the Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb and Silence icons. This triggers a reaction from your iOS device.

pinging iphone from apple watch Hold Ping iPhone Button To Flash iPhone Torch
If you just tap Ping iPhone, the command activates a vibration pattern and a specific beeping sound. This gives you a chance to feel or hear your missing smartphone. However, if you insist and tap & hold the large button, the iPhone’s flashlight also lights up, making it easier to discover your phone in low light.
This feature can be also handy if you wish to send remote signals from your phone, or ensues fun while playing keep watch!

Locate iPhone via Apple Watch
Do mind, that you need your Watch connected to the iPhone for Ping iPhone command to work. Optimal Bluetooth connectivity range is currently 33 feet (10 meter). If you misplaced your iOS device and don’t see the green Connected status on the Settings glance, you won’t be able to ping your phone. Move to another room, or floor until Apple Watch reconnects to its companion. If this doesn’t work either you can call yourself from another phone. If your iPhone is silenced your last resort is the Find My iPhone method available on iCloud.com.