Turn Your iPhone Into A Heart Rate Monitor

iphone heart rate measuring

iPhone Heart Rate Measurement.

Time to add a new feature to your iPhone! Today I’ll show you how to transform it into a medical health device that reads and monitors your heart pulse. All this is achieved with the help of a single application, developed by Azumio Inc. and called Instant Heart Rate. This app can be downloaded for free from the App Store, and it’s very easy to use.

The great feat is that pulse measurements are done with the help of your iPhone’s main camera. You don’t need a third party sensor, included in a wristband, or any additional device. Measurements are highly accurate and obtained within seconds. More, the app comes with many other extra tools that help you monitor and explain how to manage your heart rate, within the healthy limits. Are you ready to become a doctor?

Download Instant Heart Rate Monitor
instant heart rate monitor free download Tap the nearby image and you’ll be automatically redirected to the App Store download link of Instant Heart Rate. Tap on ‘Free’ and then immediately on ‘Install’.
Wait a few seconds until your iPhone downloads and installs the app. Next, press ‘Open’ and you’ll be prompted with tips about how to accomplish a successful heart rate measurement. Now you can proceed and see how your heart beats.

How To Measure Pulse With Your iPhone
instant heart rate new readingUsing this newly installed app you can measure your own heart rate or the pulse of any other individual willing to know how fast his or hers heart beats. You only need to open the app and tap on Instant Heart Rate icon available in the middle of the bottom menu bar, to start a new measurement. Your camera becomes active, as the flash lights up, and your iPhone’s screen prompts you with the real time pulse readings. Displayed are the seconds left until measurement is completed, the actual heart rate measured in beats per minute (bpm) and an oximeter like chart. For maximum accuracy place your index finger on the camera lens and make sure that there is full contact, without pressing too hard. Try not to move your finger until reading is over. This app uses your iPhone’s camera to spot color changes in your finger tip whenever your heart beats. The pulse practically scans your finger and detects each heart pump.

How To Monitor Your Heart Rate
heart rate reading analyzisOnce a reading is completed the app will automatically record it for you. You’ll be prompted with a heart rate scale and see where your rate currently fits. More, you are also asked to add a tag to your measurement, which helps to keep better track of readings. You can select from a predefined list, available in the nearby image, or add a new tag. Now tap ‘Done’ and you’ll be redirected to the Instant Heart Rate timeline. Here you can check past readings, see how your pulse averages for a certain tag, perform a Stand-Up test or check worldwide heart beat trends.

Instant Heart Rate Monitor Settings
heart rate settings menuTo completely set up this app please tap the ‘Settings’ tab, available in the right corner of the bottom navigation menu. Here you can customize the Heart Monitor for your own personal needs. You can create an account and share your readings within the app’s community or on social media websites. You should also provide your birth date and let the app inform you about your ideal Heart Rate Zones like ‘Resting Heart Rate’, ‘Maximum Heart Rate’ and other recommended values for different activity levels.

Synchronize with iOS Health App
heart rate data sharingFrom the same Settings menu you have a handy feature that allows you to share the app’s data with the Health App now available in iOS 8. This allows you to collect your health data in one place and take better care of your body. After you allow sharing, you can return on your iPhone’s home screen, open the Health App and tap on ‘Health Data’, the 2nd tab of the bottom menu. Now hit ‘Vitals’ -> ‘Heart Rate’ and turn ON ‘Show on Dashboard’. This will show your heart rate readings on the Health App dashboard, every time you access the app.

Heart Rate Accuracy Test
iphone heart rate accuracy testTo convince ourselves about the accuracy of the iPhone’s heart rate readings, I’ve come up with a simple test. You can check the nearby image for the comparison between my pulse readings obtained with the help of an electronic blood pressure monitor and my iPhone 5S running the Instant Heart Rate app. Do notice, that both measurements have been recorded in the same time and that both devices measured IDENTICAL values! According to instructions the blood pressure monitor has an accuracy of ±5% when it comes to its beats per minute indicator.

Instant Heart Rate Premium Version
instat heart rate premiumIf you wish to benefit from the full features of this highly appreciated health care app, opt for the premium version! Perform a single tap on the nearby image and you’ll unlock powerful features like the StandUp test. A revolutionary tool for assessing your heart’s health. During this test your pulse is measured while you literally stand up. The result is compared with predetermined values which show how strong your heart is. Other premium advantages are personalized workouts for heart strengthening. They include HD videos, dedicated support and more.