Unable To Check For Update iOS 16.0.2 Not Showing Up? (Fix!)

unable to check for update iOS 16

Unable to check for update iOS 16

Unable to Check for Update error keeps popping up on iPhone? iOS 16.0.2 not showing up in the Software Update section, no matter how many times you Try Again? You’re informed that an error occurred while checking for a software update?

Unable To Check For Update Error

unable to check for update ios 16.0.2
The issue has been reported by Jaxon5:

I’m seeing “unable to check for update”! What’s wrong? Is this iPhone 14 only again?

We’ve managed to replicate the problem on an iPhone 12 Pro running the iOS 16.1 beta version!

How To Fix Unable To Check For Update

If you’re getting this error you most likely already updated your iPhone to one of the two available iOS 16.1 beta versions.

Because of this, iOS 16.0.2 won’t show up even if you remove the iOS 16 Beta Profile and reboot your iPhone. You’re trying to update to an inferior version and that’s not allowed by Apple!

Fact: You can either stick with iOS 16.1 beta until the public release and only switch to the public release versions before the Release Candidate version, or use the downgrade option described below:

  • 1. First, confirm that this is the problem. Go for Settings -> General -> About and confirm the iOS Version that’s installed on your device. If it’s anything higher than iOS 16.0.2 continue with the following steps.
    ios version settings ios 16
  • 2. Open Settings and browse for General -> VPN & Device Management. If the iOS 16 Configuration Profile is installed, remove it and restart iPhone as prompted.
    remove iOS 16 Beta profile
  • 3. Go back to Settings -> General -> Software Update. Unable to Check for Update error should continue to show up.
  • 4. Downgrade To iOS 16.0.2

    This step requires you to connect iPhone to Mac or Windows computer using the Lightning to USB cable that came in the box.

    Important: Before you proceed make sure that you have an iCloud or Finder backup of your iPhone.

    Proceed as follows:

    • 1. Bring iPhone into Recovery Mode by force restarting it while it’s connected to your computer. Quickly click & release Volume Up, followed by Volume Down and press & hold the Side Button until you see the charging cable on the screen!
      iphone recovery mode ios 16
    • 2. On Mac, click Restore iPhone.
      Fact: Update won’t work because you’re looking to downgrade from iOS 16.1 to iOS 16.0.2.
    • 3. Next, go for Restore and Update.
      Fact: iPhone will be restored to factory settings and all your media and data will be erased.
    • 4. Now hit Install to download and deploy the most recent public (non-beta) iOS 16 version available.
    • 5. Finally, depending on what backup you have available, select Restore from iCloud backup or whatever suits you in the setup screen.

Unable To Check For Update Fix [Video]

The most common ways to troubleshoot this issue are showcased in this YouTube video:

Have you managed to fix Unable to Check for Update iOS 16.0.2? Do you have a better solution or more questions? Use the comments section to share your feedback.

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