Unlocked iPhone X Now Available For Sale On Apple’s Online Store

how to purchase an unlocked iPhone x from apple online store

How to purchase an unlocked iPhone X from Apple Online Store.

Apple has just made available the option to purchase the iPhone X unlocked, without a carrier activation required, from its online store via Apple.com or the iOS Apple Store app. Until now, iPhone ‘Ten’ buyers had to pick their carrier when ordering the flagship and the device shipped as locked on the chosen network. This was done mostly to discourage potential re-sellers that aimed to make a quick buck by ordering the iPhone X and selling it straight away to the highest bidder.

However, the new option that allows you to buy a neverlocked iPhone X from any available carrier, makes it possible for you to grab the 10th anniversary iPhone equipped with a Qualcomm LTE modem even if you aren’t a Verzion customer. As you probably know, Apple uses two suppliers for its mobile broadband hardware, Qualcomm and Intel. Reports have claimed that Intel’s modems are slower, but Apple has confirmed that it’s automatically throttling the Qualcomm parts to provide identical products to customers.

iPhone X carrier activation option Nevertheless, if you still have your preferences it is still good to know that if you are an AT&T and T-Mobile customer, you can order an iPhone X online, choose Verizon as your carrier and then select to receive an unlocked iPhone X with a Verizon SIM card (that you’ll probably never use). The only potential downside is that you can’t opt for the contract option and grab the device for a lower initial payment.

How To: No matter if you order the iPhone X from Apple.com or with the help of the Apple Store app from your iPhone or iPad, make sure that the order Summary confirms that you’re about to buy an Unlocked iPhone with [carrier name] SIM, as shown in the screenshot available nearby. This indicates that your iPhone X will surly not ship with a carrier restriction included!