Upload To iCloud Failed On iPhone When Trying To Erase?

Upload to iCloud failed on iPhone

Upload to iCloud failed on iPhone

Are you getting the Upload to iCloud Failed error when trying to erase iPhone? The popup blames your Wi-Fi connection for the issue and you’re asked to start over?

Upload To iCloud Failed ?

This error can occur on both iPhone and iPad. It pops up when you try to erase your device and are performing an iCloud backup to save your data.

It reads:

“Make sure you stay connected to Wi-Fi while uploading to iCloud.”

You’re prompted with two options: Erase Anyway or Don’t Erase iPhone.

If you choose the first you risk to lose all your important date because you will whipe out your device without performing a successful iCloud backup.

The second one stops the resetting process and allows you to start over!

How To Fix Upload To iCloud Failed

Considering that you have enough iCloud storage for the size of your iPhone and that the battery level is above 50%, you can attempt the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Reboot Devices

how to reboot assus router from iPhone
Although unlikely, your Wi-Fi router might be lagging. Reboot it to make sure that your iPhone’s Internet connection can’t be blamed.

How to: You can either restart the router from its own app (ASUS Router, TP-Link Tether, etc), or in Safari by typing the localhost address ( in the address bar and using your admin log-in details to log-in and restart the router.

Fact: Of course that you can also reboot your router manually, by turning it OFF, waiting for a couple of seconds and turning it back ON!

Tip: I also recommend you to force restart iPhone or iPad after you reboot the router!

2. Try Again Later

apple system status page
Apple’s servers might experience problems too and this could cause the Upload to iCloud Failed error!

You can check the System Status page for any ongoing issues.

The best option in this case is to wait it and try again a couple of hours later or the next day.

3. Backup iPhone Using Computer

backing up iPhone on Mac
A good option to bypass this iCloud upload error is to backup iPhone or iPad with the help of your computer and continue with the resetting process:

  • Use the USB to Lightning cable to connect iPhone or iPad to Mac or Windows computer.
  • Open Finder or iTunes and backup your device!

    Tip: If you don’t have enough space on your MacBook to store a full iPhone backup you can use an external SSD to copy and paste the backup on. Just connect the external drive after you perform the backup and drag the file into it.

    How to: First locate the backup in Finder. On your iPhone’s window in Finder, use Manage Backups. Press ctrl key and click on the backup name. Opt for Show in Finder. Now that you’ve located the backup, drag it to the external drive window!

    Fact: Don’t own an external hard drive? I recommend you the SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable SSD, available on Amazon.

    Disclaimer: iPhoneTricks.org has an affiliate partnership with Amazon. If you purchase a product after clicking the above link, you will help us receive a small commission that allows us to cover website costs.

Have you managed to fix the Update to iCloud Failed error? Do you have a better solution? Share your feedback in the comments section.

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