Viber Adds The “Chat While You Call” Feature

viber for ios version 5.4

Viber for iOS version 5.4.

The developers of the popular VOIP calling and instant messaging app have released version 5.4 of Viber for iOS. This update brings a few important and welcomed additions. One of the most notable is the “Chat While You Call” feature. With the help of it, you can use Viber’s both main functions in the same time. Until this version you couldn’t continue a chat conversation, while having and active call and vice-versa.

Now, you can minimize the ongoing Viber call and open a secondary screen within the app, without affecting your high quality audio and video conversation. This is not the only call related change available with the new version. You can also view the call history, with a specific contact, directly from the text conversation thread. New numbers are also more visible. If you’re contacted by a Viber user that’s not listed in your Contacts, you’ll be able to see the person’s number and photo while you interact. This helps you recognize who you’re dealing with.

Install Viber 5.4 on iPhone
If you don’t use this social networking application or you wish to upgrade to the latest available version. please tap the following link and download Viber for iOS, from the App Store. Yes, the software and most of its main functions are free of charge. In-app purchases are available too, but you won’t need to pay anything for the basic and most common used functions like WiFi HD video and audio calling, instant messaging and much more.

Viber 5.4 for iOS Full Update Log
viber 5.4 full update log This new Viber version includes other updates too. Below you can check all changes:
– Personalize groups with your own icon from the Photos library.
– Add a new contact from a QR code and start interacting right away.
– iOS text size edits, will be automatically imported by Viber too.
– Chat while you call.
– Call history available within chats.
– Detailed contact info available for numbers not saved as contacts.

Fact: Support for Apple Watch hasn’t been implemented yet. We expect a release covering this subject in the upcoming months!